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We are a highly dedicated team of HP specialists with 35 years of knowledge and experience in the supply, acquisition and maintenance of HP printers, HP consumables and HP printer accessories. We are passionate about customer service and making sure that we assist our customers in obtaining, the best products for their requirement at the best possible price.

The internet is a fantastic tool, enabling customers to achieve great pricing but often the advice or guidance you may need to find the right product and deal with possible problems during the life of your product will be sacrificed by using a company who don’t really understand the products.

Here at we will make sure that is not the case. We have geared our business to match your requirements. All our internal systems are highly automated allowing us to dedicate our time to you.

Our Story is a trading name of Tekraders Ltd. We are proud to be an HP Authorised Business Partner and were established in 2011. Our team members having been specialists in HP printers since 1997.

In 2014 after much reflection and many discussions we decided to advertise our skills and knowledge to the world as we were regularly being told by customers that they were elated having “found us”. We needed to get the message out and so was born.

As a company we sell all IT related products from all manufacturers. This site is dedicated to HP because we love it but you can take comfort and hopefully a little excitement in the reassurance that you can come to us for everything and still receive the service, prices and quality you need.

Why choose HP?

HP recently celebrated their 75th birthday. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in 1939, they became friends at Stanford University and originally worked out of their garage in Palo Alto. One of their early customers was Walt Disney Studios who were really impressed with their products.

Ever since the first HP "LaserJet" in 1984, HP have dominated the printer market. The first mono laser (B&W) 8 page per minute printer was priced at around £2350!!! It revolutionised the market and was virtually silent compared to its competitor’s dot matrix or daisy wheel printers. It took them nine years to sell 10 million and a further 13 years to sell 100 million HP LaserJet printers!!!! Twenty years on and HP are still pushing the boundaries of technology and ruling the market. Companies who use HP printers tend to stay with them as the benefits are quickly realised and the reliability is learnt after many years of happy printing.

Why use us?

The only reason you require a printer, printer accessory or toner is that you need to print a page or maybe even 100,000 pages. The key is to have a page exit your printer at the required quality, price, speed, and location.

Printing should not take up any more of your time than that. The good news is, this is really as simple to achieve as it sounds, the only thing you have to get right is your supplier and that is where we come in.

  • We think outside of the box - At, we not only offer you brand new HP products but also refurbished and HP ex-demonstration products. Nearly all of the time they will come with a 1 Year HP warranty (the same as a new one) and offer amazing savings. They will really make your budget stretch further and seriously reduce your printing costs. We have various grades of products to help you choose what is right for you which are all explained here
  • We not only sell HP printers and the related products but we understand how they work, you are not going to call us and end up speaking to an account manager who last month was selling mobile phone or car insurance, all our staff have at least 15 years’ experience in supplying HP printers. We are also really friendly and helpful and take great pleasure in not only helping our customers but understanding their business.


  • We understand how HP as a company operate. This might sound like an odd statement but it is really important. By understanding and working closely with HP we know when price changes are going to occur, when models are going end of line, when new lines are being released, we know when products are going to go in to constraint and often can get round this, avoiding a nightmare for our customers if it’s a toner, belt or something essential. Another classic example worth mentioning is that in the hopefully unlikely event that you have a fault, we can make sure the right department at HP know about it and that an engineer is with you as is humanly possible. If you buy a machine from other suppliers, you will be given HP's phone number and that’s it. We will hold your hand and make sure it gets sorted quickly.
  • Price! We know it is important to you. You might be thinking that all this assistance and advice, will be coming at a cost to you? In short, the answer is, no. We aim to have the best price on the market. If you find an item cheaper, let us know and we will do our best to beat it. You do not have to pay more to have us as a supplier. It’s quite the opposite, we are sure we will save you money at the beginning of our relationship and for years to come as we trade together.


  • If you are a School or Government body, you don't need to fill in an account form. You have an account with us already. Just give us a ring, send us an email or fax an order and it will be taken care of immediately.
  • Delivery time. We aim to get all orders to you the next day. We can even do the same day where possible or necessary. We will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy and with around 7 different logistics methods at our disposal we can get your order to you when you need it.
  • One point of contact. Our account managers are multi-skilled. You will not need to speak to lots of different people to get the results you need. You will just need to speak to one person and they will be your single point of contact.

Why not give us a ring on 02392 699 412, we are here and looking forward to talking to you

Our offices and warehouses are located in Portsmouth. We are not a “high street shop” as we did not want to have to pass the extra cost on to our customers but we have a lovely meeting room and are always available for a chat or product demo. If you are planning to visit us, please let us know first and we will make sure we have the kettle on and a member of staff is free to assist you. We can also visit you to discuss your requirements so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can arrange a time that is convenient to you. Sometimes seeing what you need to achieve and how you operate is really beneficial.

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